Shooting balls that leave a trace of paint provides simultaneous relaxation and oblivion from the daily stress. 

Stand up paddling offers a fun, relaxing way to play on the water. Enjoy this activity on one of the most beautiful karst lakes in Croatia.

This tour starts in Brela at beautiful beach Jakirusa surrounded with amazing mountain Biokovo and Vrulja bay which is one of the few untouched bays in this area as well as many other natural wonders such as a submarine groundwater source not far from the beach.

This is a trip that begins in a small place called Jakiruša - a popular sandy beach which is favourite among the locals and tourists and a rocky coast on the west side called Vrulja. 

Rock climbing is a very popular activity especially in Dalmatia region thanks to a great variety of natural climbing areas that are suitable for both beginners and experts, children and adults. 

We use the quite parts of the river for floating in tubes and they intersect with small rapids which guarantee true entertainment. For those who wish to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Dalmatian hinterland this trip is a great and unusual way to do so.

The most attended and the most popular adventurous tour in Dalmatia is, by far, rafting on the Cetina river. Every summer, many tourists are attracted by the rafting in the protected area of the river canyon.

Grab a paddle and navigate the river on our canoe safari trail. While paddling you will witness rich biological diversity and pure nature. The path will lead you to the spring of the river where you can taste traditional dishes in 250 years old mill.

During your three-hour journey you will enjoy the quiet parts of the Cetina river which alternate with the rapids and that is why this river is excellent for the firts-timers or group trips. 

Dalmatian inland is yet to become a popular tourist destination. Cetina region of the inland offers plethora of activities, beautiful scenery, and peace and quiet for all nature and sport enthusiasts. 

Walking through the river and the rapids, going through the subterranean tunnels, swimming in natural pools, going around waterfalls and lakes - all of this is canyoning. 

This trip offers you a more exciting and stronger experience of the Cetina canyon than just canyoning. Together with walking and swimming through the canyon it consists of two rope lowerings down a cliff.

Spectacular views from Biokovo mountain will probably take your breath away. On a clear day one can see even Mount Gargano in Italy. Hiking on a fresh air, passing ancient villages is the best way to explore this area. 

On this tour you will get a surprisingly great overview of Cetina river and our guides will show you the sights and share the histroy and stories. 


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