Mount Biokovo

Biokovo is a magnificent mountain in Makarska hinterland that extends 36km from Brela to Gradac and 7km in transverse direction. By its geological structure and relief it is a typical mountain of Dinaric Alps. Some researchers find Biokovo as the most beautiful karst mountain.

Iti s placed as a big wall along the coast and on such small area the visitor can feel three climatic regions: up to 300 m.a.s.l. extends fertile, slightly tilted plateau; from there to 1000 m the place is nothing but rocks; and then, above 1000m, undulating plateau surrounded by several peeks. This plateau is specific for so called „mesh karst“, which is a unusual system of sinkholes that looks like the surface of the moon. In addition, there are several dozens pits (up to 100m depth) with eternal snow and ice used sometimes during the summer season.
The best way to get to know the mountain is to visit the botanical garden, and then, using the Biokovo road, all the way to the mountain lodge and the highest peek St Jure.
The botanical garden is situated above Kotišine village. Despite karst, vegetation is very nice. Because of afore mentioned climate differences, we can find many small woods, fields or bushes with herbs or endemic species.
The highest peek of Biokovo is St Jure, 1762 m.a.s.l.; the third highest peek in Croatia. It got it's name after a small chappel that used to be there until 1964 and later moved a bit lower. Every last Saturday in July the chapel is used by pilgrims from all over the world.
Since 1981 Biokovo is under special national protection as Nature park.

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