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Red & Blue lake


It is common to think that a vacation in Dalmatia includes enjoying the sun, swimming and water but little is known that this is possible both on coast and inland – Red and Blue lakes are the best example. These two lakes are situated at the very edge of Imotski town in Dalmatian inland.
Pearls of Imotski town, as locals call them, are unique karst phenomenas caused by collapses like earthquake in 1942.
Red lake is the deepest karst lake in Europe and one of the deepest in the world. It got its name by reddish color of the stone that surrounds it. When approaching the lake, you are on 522 meters above the sea level but if you want to lower down, you will need climbing equipment. The depth of the lake is 300 meters.
There is a legend among locals about the formation of the lake. According to that legend, rich citizen Gavan lived there with his wife and children. The family was known for luxurious entertainments and for their arrogance towards the poor. Their arrogance made God mad so he sent them an angel disguised like beggar. Gavan and his family were rude to him and showed no mercy so God cursed them and their whole house disappeared in a big abyss filled with water.
Red lake never dries up unlike Blue one. This one goes dry after summer so locals usually play football at its bottom. The depth of this lake varies and depends on rains. Blue lake is easy approachable and during the summer it is popular with locals who live inland.
The best way to explore the lakes is by joining one of many adventures around this area like Canoeing on Vrljika river or Stand up Paddling.

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